Turning waste into Value

Today’s waste is tomorrow’s valuable raw material and source of energy.

Vol 1. Focus on Pakistan

Chemitec Consulting, Finland

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Art of Circularity

'Waste to

We are producing more and more waste every day. In every town, village, industrial zone and home around the world. And more people we have on this planet, more we buy, consume, produce and eat, more waste we shall have. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use all the waste for something valuable. And this is exactly what we do at Chemitec Consulting in Finland, the Hearth of Knowledge of Circular Economy and Waste-2-Value technologies.



How the process works, from waste management to sorting, from technology to transforming into value.



What is the flow of waste, the energy built into it, the ways to re-use it for something totally new.



Understanding the use of waste to value is a different game. Without decades of experience you can’t do it.

"33 years' experience and with a very strong foothold on scientific research and knowledge. That's why we know how to proceed with waste"

Experience creates knowledge

Since 1986

Chemitec Consulting Ltd is a Finland based, globally operating engineering and consulting company specialized in waste-to-energy and waste-to-value solutions, other energy solutions, chemical engineering, process design and environmental technology.

Based on our over 30 years’ experience and with a very strong foothold on scientific research and knowledge, we are able to provide all latest solutions to our clients around the world. Coming from Finland and Nordic region with the world’s highest awareness of circular economy, rate of recycling and treatment of waste flows into valuables, we are your perfect partner for any environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions.

"We Will Help You with Every Step you want to take on your way to produce valuables from your waste"

Whatever you might look for, we have the solution.

Trust us, We know

Building a profitable waste-2-value strategy or production plant requires expertise, deep knowledge and understanding and that is exactly what we can offer to our clients globally.

“Sustainable solutions are critical for the future of Pakistan and Pakistanis, not only with professional waste treatment but also with industrial water treatment, logistics, energy use and production, manufacturing. Future of manufacturing like in textiles for international market would need serious steps on the field of circular economy too: without those industries are loosing the footstep in the global market space.
Treatment of waste and water has a significant role in the fight against climate change too and the solutions are there already, it is all about the willingness to use it and that’s we can help”
Dr. Muhammad Nashrullah, CTO, Waste to Value Development, Asia Region, Chemitec Consulting

Evaluation of environmental aspects.

Energy technologies.

Calculations for profitability and economic efficiency.

Plant designs.

"Waste is certainly a complicated issue but when you know what you are doing, you can deliver a very productive and profitable solution producing value!”
Mrs. Tiina Piira, CEO of Chemitec Consulting

waste in media.

Waste-2-Value can make a big change in countries like Pakistan where the growing population and growing consumption are making the waste issue more critical every day. Waste can be treated in a way where all the layers of output have a commercial value, making the whole circular economy model to work perfectly. But it requires changes in mindsets and awareness, so we are keeping to broadcast the message of professional waste treatment, too. 

Dr. Muhammad Nashrullah, CTO, Waste to Value Development, Asia Region, Chemitec Consulting and Mr. Wille Eerola, Honorary Consul  General of Pakistan in Finland, joined the HUM News breakfast show in Islamabad on 13 Feb 2020.

Dr. Muhammad Nashrullah, CTO, Waste to Value Development, Asia Region, Chemitec Consulting interviewed by HUM News at the Pakistan Energy Reform Summit, held in Islamabad on 12-13 Feb 2020.

We are here to help you

With any need you might have in the field of waste-2-energy, waste-2-value or other sustainable energy solution, we are here to help you.

What you should know about waste-2-value?

Questions And Answers.
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Currently, major part of the MSW (municipal solid waste) produced in Pakistan ends up in open dumps, at land and/or water, or left totally unattended. Think about that! All waste is wasted.

Waste dumpsites are the third largest contributor to the methane emissions originating in human activity! Time to re-think, we believe.

Well, open dumpsites and landfills are getting filled. And very soon. Air quality turning further bad and causing diseases. All waste of resources. And the health-factor is huge: do you really want your children and family to live around all the bad air caused by the open landfills and unprofessional waste management?

1 TJ energy produced from coal emits about 98 tonnes of fossil based CO2. Furthermore, 1 TJ energy produced from crude oil emits about 74 tonnes of fossil based CO2. 

But: Producing energy from biogas and RDF related fraction of MSW will reduce the fossil based CO2 emissions by about 75 – 80%. Time to re-think? We believe so.

Frankly, a very small fraction of the total MSW waste is being managed through proper landfills, incineration and anaerobic digestion.

If nothing is done, dumpsites will contribute up to 10% of the global anthropogenic (human activity) greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

This is easy. Trash to cash. Circular economy, Waste-to-resources. Clean energy. Clean and healthy environment. New jobs. Health issues. Better environment. Sustainable future. Just a few to mention.


The global waste management market size is expected to reach $484.9 billion by 2025 from $303.6 billion in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 6.0% from 2018 to 2025.

Municipal solid waste management market is expected to reach $261 billion by 2025. South-Asia is one of the biggest markets, including Pakistan. So yes, there is! Time to move on?

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